Vacancies Open based in Abu Dhabi, UAE

 Last date of Vacancies is on 06 /05/ 2022.

 All vacancies are based in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Vacancies Open based in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Vacancies Open based in Abu Dhabi, UAE


We have the following position

1-Sr. Planning/ Cost Control Engineer

2-Senior Utilization Engineer (NG/SNG/LPG)

3-Sr. Network Design Engineer

4-Senior project Engineer - Utilization(NG/SNG/LPG)

5-Sr. Structural Engineer

6-GIS Specialist

7-LNG Specialist

8-CNG Specialist

9-Gas in Building Specialist

10-LPG/ SNG Specialist

11-NGV Specialist

12-Instrumentation Engineer

13-Corrosion Engineer

14-Planning Engineer

15-Civil Engineer

16-LPG/ SNG Engineer

17-Maintenance Engineer / 

18-Operations Engineer

19-Gas in Building Engineer / 

20-Utilization Engineer

21-Structure Engineer

22-Electrical Engineer

23-Gas Metering Engineer

24-Project Engineer(s)

25-Draughtsman Engineer

26-Project Secretary

27-Document Controller

28-Supervisors Instrumentation

29-Supervisor electrical

30-Supervisor control room 

31-Supervisor Maintenance

32-QA/QC inspector

33-Quantity Surveyors

34-Project Manager

35-Engineering Manager

36-Construction Manager

37-Planning Engineer

38-Senior Structural Engineer

39-Senior Project Engineer – Civil

40-Land Surveyor

41-Senior Project Engineer - Distribution network

42-Sr. Project Engineer

43-Senior Design Engineer - Distribution network

44-QA/QC Engineer

45-Civil Engineer

46-Sr. O&M Engineer

47-Senior Process Engineer

48-Senior Pipeline Engineer

49-Senior SCADA Engineer

50-Senior Project Engineer

51-Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

52-SCADA Engineer

53-Mechanical Engineer

54-Senior Civil Engineer

55-Project Engineer  

56-GIS Engineer

57-Commissioning Engineer

58-Corrosion Engineer

59-Quantity Surveyor

60-Property & Appliances Surveyor

61-Senior Project Engineer –Electrical

62-Metering Engineer – Gas

63-QA/QC Inspector

64-Construction Supervisor

65-Draftsman Engineer

66-Project Engineer - Distribution network

67-Operations & Maintenance Engineer

68-Emergency Control Room Supervisor

69-Operations & Maintenance Supervisor

70-Structural Engineer

71-Senior Inspector

72-Supervisor, Process (CCR) (Oil and Gas Exp)

73--Technician, Electrical Maintenance (Oil and Gas Exp)

74-Senior Technician, Mechanical Maintenance (Process)

75-Senior Operator (Process-Utility)

76-Engineer, Process (Procedure)

77-Senior Civil Engineer

78-Sr. Utilization Engineer

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