Looking to hire for DRC Congo

Looking to hire for DRC Congo
Looking to hire for DRC Congo

1♈Supervisor SMPP

2♈Supervisors Electrical

3♈Supervisors Instrument

4♈Controllers Material

5♈Supervisor Piping

6♈Officer Safety


8♈E&I QC

9♈NDT Technicians

10♈Boilermaker Foreman


12♈Mechanical Foreman

13♈Fitters Mechanical

14♈Foreman Piping

15♈Fitters Piping


17♈Foreman HDPE

18♈Plasticians HDPE

19♈Foreman Rigger


21♈Scaffold Foreman

22♈Scaffolders - Local

23♈Electrical Foreman

24♈Electricians - Local

25♈Instrument Foreman

26♈Technician Instrument 


28♈operator Plant 




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